COCOA BEACH, FL, JAN 7, 8, & 9 2016




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 Prototype Rails 2016: Clinicians 

Mark Amfahr

Frank Angstead

Mike Boland

Al Brown

Andy Carlson

Jeff Cauthen

Bill Darnaby

Jim Dick

George Eichelberger

Stuart Forsyth

Steve Funaro

Andy Harman

Jared Harper

Steve Hile

Roger Hinman

Charles Hostetler

Tony Koester

Gail Komar

Jim Langston

David Leider

Jim Lincoln

Tom Madden

Carl Marchand

Greg Martin

Marty Megregian

Lance Mindheim

Jim Murrie

Bill Neale

Joe Oates

David Orr

Steve Orth

Jeff Otto

Rob Pisani

Bob Prehoda

Cinthia Priest

Steve Priest

Bill Schafer

Bill Schaumburg

Bill Schneider

Jim Singer

Bruce Smith

Al Sohl

Mont Switzer

Gil Thomas

Tony Thompson

Bill Welch

Fenton Wells

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Organizations, Manufacturers/Dealers:  (subject to change)

ACL/SAL Historical Society, Atlas Models, Bob's Photos, Bob the Train Guy, Broadway Limited Imports,

DCC Install Sales, 5th Avenue Shops, Fox Valley Models, Funaro & Camerlengo, Dave Hussey (Cannon & Co.)

Intermountain, Jay Williams Photos, John C. La Rue Photos, Dave Leider, Mainline Photos, Motrak, Palace Car Co.,

Speedwitch Media, Oak Hill Model Railroad Track Supply LLC, Rapido, Southern Car & Foundry, SRHA.

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Cocoa Beach HILTON HOTEL, 1550 N. Atlantic Ave. [ Highway A1a ], COCOA BEACH, FL, 1-800-526-2609 or 321-799-0003. $105 Room Rate, Refer to Prototype Rails or Code NMR16.     

Preregistration $35, payable to Prototype Rails, and send to Marty Megregian, 480 Gails Way, Merritt Island, FL 32953.  Registration at the door will be $45, so please pre-register!

Click below for hotel website:

Please note the following:

Hotel Room Booking Process

The hotel costs for the meet are directly dependent on the number of hotel rooms we sell. The selling price is our special Prototype Rails rate. The hotel blocks a number of rooms at our rate on each night Thursday through Sunday. We are also allowed to sell rooms during the week prior to the meet and afterward at our group rate if the roomee has a room during the meet. The number of rooms in our block varies during the period Thursday through Sunday depending upon our historical usage. We can increase the number of rooms in our block if need be. The point here is that the hotel cannot sell rooms in our block to others.

However, if we don't sell the rooms in our block they are unused. The hotel, therefore, terminates or reduces the
number of rooms in our block as we get very near the time of the meet. This year our room block was closed a couple of days prior to the meet. I then received a request for more rooms, and the hotel responded by opening the block again. It is very important for attendees to reserve a room as far ahead of the meet as possible. A room reservation can always be cancelled prior to the meet.

Now, here's a key part of this process that I try to make
known. First, the hotel itself makes no reservations. They use an offsite service which I believe is located somewhere in Tibet or Burma. It doesn't matter if you use the local number or an 800 number, that's who you will talk to.

Second, the reservation service you get CANNOT increase the number of rooms in our block. Only the hotel can do that. If our block is full, they can only give you a standard room rate [there are several different rates, all greater than ours]. HOWEVER, and here is the most important factor in the room process: I CAN GET YOU THE PROTOTYPE RAILS ROOM RATE EVEN IF THE BLOCK IS CLOSED. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHEN YOU ASK. THE EASIEST METHOD IS TO TAKE WHATEVER RATE IS OFFERED AND TELL ME. THAT WAY YOU ARE ASSURED OF HAVING A ROOM. THEN EMAIL OR CALL ME. YOU CAN EVEN DO THIS DURING THE MEET.

I'm fairly easy to find. I'm the tall guy with the bull's eye on the back.  Well, I should have one. Just tell Prototype Rails registration that you have a room problem and you need to see me. Every year I do this for about 5 people. So, unless the hotel is completely sold out, you CAN get our room rate even on Saturday night of the meet.

Mike Brock
Prototype Rails Boss


The meet begins on Thursday, Jan 7, at 8PM with video, slide shows and
clinics.  Spouses not attending presentations do not have
to register. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Mike Brock at:
or 321-453-4140.

Shake N Take:

Stay tuned for this year's project!

Previous Meet Photos:

Images from Prototype Rails 2008 & 2009 {click here for our Pbase photos site}

Images from Dave Hussey's Pbase site for 2011

Images from Dave Hussey's Pbase site for 2012

Images from Dave Hussey's Pbase site for 2013

FOR INFORMATION: Contact Mike Brock at: or 321-453-4140.

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